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Finally, A Proven, Simple, Straight Forward System For Building Your First Internet Business.

Without Creating Your Own Products, Building Your Own Online Course, Or Dealing With Difficult Foreign Suppliers.



A Simple Solution, At Last

For years, my podcast listeners and blog readers have been asking me (sometimes actually begging and pleading with me) to create a course that teaches them my proven step-by-step for system building successful affiliate marketing businesses.

Those fans were asking for a way to build a lasting business on the internet without all the complexity and hassles of ordering and stocking products from China, creating complicated digital courses, and shipping physical products. They wanted something simple and straight forward.

Now that this long-awaited and much anticipated system is finally available, you can skip an entire decade of trial and error and get started building your very own internet business today (even if you don’t have much free time).

From: Mark Mason

Engineer and Father Of Four

In The Great State Of Texas

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you’re overwhelmed by the hundreds of internet business opportunities flooding your inbox each and every day…

If you’re exhausted by thinking about the endless array of business models plans available to you on the internet…

If you’re frustrated by not having the extra cash you need to feel secure...

If you are discouraged because you’ve tried a few things online and failed…

If you’re skeptical of all the sleazy get rich gurus and their promises of easy money…

If you are fearful because you got burned...

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do next…

Then this letter is for you because it will make everything crystal clear for you and end the madness once and for all.

I’ve Walked A Mile In Your Shoes And I Know Exactly How You Feel

Seem impossible?

Well, here’s my story.  I'm betting you can relate.

I went to engineering school, got a couple of electrical engineering degrees and landed a great job at a major electronics manufacturer.

I worked really hard for 20 years and had great success, traveling the world and managing a large wildly successful team.

I even became semi-almost-famous in my obscure niche of computational optics for semiconductor processing. Sounds exciting, right?

Then, one day it happened.

But it’s not what you’re thinking.

One day I was told that I was getting another promotion -- I would finally be a Director. I was legitimately excited. My mom was going to be so proud. I remember imagining opening those new business cards and handing a fresh one to my Dad.

But there was a catch…

My first task as Director was to lay off most of my existing team.

Simply put -- I was devastated.

This was the team that put me on the map. This was the team that got me to the top. This was my work family.

And to make matters worse, we were all close. I had eaten dinner in many of their homes. I knew their husbands and wives by name. In a couple of cases, my kids played with their kids.

And in the blink of an eye, my job was suddenly to let them all know that despite everything they had done for me, their services were no longer needed.

Devastated doesn’t even really cover it.

Right then, at that very moment, I knew I needed a “plan B”.

Not just for me. Not just because I was hurt and frustrated. But because I needed to protect my family.

I loved my company and almost every part of my job, but as an engineer I am trained to recognize and eliminate risk. And boy did I see a huge risk looming…

The risk that I could be next.

I really did need a “plan B.”

I needed a business that I could start and grow while still maintaining my day job. Something that I could work on part-time. Something that would scale.

Basically, I had to figure out how to build an internet business all by myself.

Sound familiar?

So Many Questions...

Honestly, to me at the time, it felt kind of overwhelming.

But that just means that I had the exact same questions that almost all rookie internet entrepreneurs have. Probably the same ones you have right now.

Simply put, to build a successful internet business, you have to figure out a few things...

What is the right business model for you? There are as many internet business opportunities as there are grains of sand on the beach. But to be successful, you have to find the right business model for you. When I was getting started, I knew that I had to find a proven business model that was appropriate for my internet business experience (which was zero, by the way).

What is the right business area or “niche” for you? One of the great truths of business is that “the riches are in the niches.” But there are so many niches. And there are niches inside the niches. Not all niches are created equally, and they certainly aren’t all equally profitable. I also learned the hard way that what might be a good niche for me might NOT be a good niche for you. It’s a critically important choice, but how to choose?

What do people in your niche want to buy? Once selected, knowing your niche is a critical step -- but it’s really only the first step of many. You need to understand the niche. And that means knowing the problems that people have. When people have problems, they need solutions. And a very smart person once told me, if you want to make serious money, you need to solve serious problems. But how to do market research? (Hint: It may seem overwhelming and complicated, but it’s not.)

How do you build your own reputable website? If you are going to build a business on line, you need to have a “place” online where you do business. That means a website. Twenty years ago, that was a daunting proposition. Now, if you know what you are doing (or you have someone that can show you how), it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, click. But you need the right recipe….

How can you create value by helping people solve their problems? All new business owners eventually learn that in order to create a sustainable business, you have to create real value. The fly-by-night flim flam artists that we’ve all come to loathe on the internet still have not taken this truth to heart. If you can figure out what help people need, that’s (almost) as good as gold. How you figure that out is another story….

How you can turn the value you create into money? Understanding your customers is one thing. Exchanging money for value is another. You need a business model that gets your customers excited about exchanging money for value. Business is always about matching offers with buyers, and you need to know how to do that if you are going to succeed on line...

How you generate traffic and turn that traffic into revenue? If a website falls in the forest, and it has no traffic, does itt make a sound? Hint: The answer is NO, and worse, nobody cares. But what you do care about is traffic. You must know how to generate it to have a successful online business.

The Unimaginable Cost Of Ignoring

These Questions (And Their Answers)

For me, not having answers to these questions meant not having a real “Plan B”.

And without a plan I was putting my welfare and the welfare of my family at risk.

And time was marching on. Every minute that I delayed taking action was time lost. Opportunity lost. Money lost.

But here’s the rub…

It’s one thing to identify a market and talk about building an online business.

It’s quite another to actually do it.

To actually execute Plan B successfully takes a good solid plan and some work.

Then it hit me…

It wasn’t really “Plan B” that I was after. It was the self-respect and security that creating an online stream of income brings.

The challenge was, when I started, I did not have the tools to make it happen.

Not in the beginning, anyway.

But with some help, it started to come together. Countless hours of reading, trial and error, mentoring and yes, even some online courses.

And lots of false starts and failures.

I think the word successful people use for this is experience.

I Didn’t Need Easy

I Just Needed “Worth It”

Figuring out how to start a brand new business on line is not easy, but boy is it worth it.

I started building my internet business the way most people do -- probably just like you did -- by reading everything I could find on the vast world wide web.

The problem was that there were so many noisy voices in the mix talking about so many different business approaches. I couldn’t make heads or tails out it for months.

In the beginning, I remember not even understanding what all the words meant.

But slowly things came together and I made my first $0.69 online. I remember being so excited. I wasn’t really excited about the sixty-nine cents. But I knew if I could make $0.69, I could make $69.

And I knew that meant even $690 or $6900 dollars was possible.

That was more than a decade ago, and I’ve been making money on the internet ever since.

But at that moment I also realized something even more important..

I Started Telling

Everyone That Would Listen

I knew right away I had figured something out that I desperately needed to teach other people.

I guess I’m just wired that way. I love to help people. Also, from my perspective, I feel like everyone should know that it’s possible and important to have a “Plan B.”

Soon, I was excitedly telling my friends about the things that I learned. I was literally driving them crazy with the details of my amazing online adventure.

I enjoyed helping people so much I realized I needed to teach other like-minded people like you about internet business.

Since then, I’ve been blogging and podcasting about internet marketing non-stop. I’ve also beem invited to speak at some of the most prestigious events in the industry all across the country.

Places like

…Social Media Marketing World

…FinCon (the premier financial bloggers conference)

...Podcast Movement

...FlynnCon (Pat Flynn’s exclusive event)

...Free The Dream (Cliff Ravenscraft's signature event)

...and more.

And all that time I’ve heard one recurring request from readers and listeners alike.

People just like you who are looking for a way to bulid a part time business on line.

The simple request has been “Hey Mark, would you please create a course?” And so I finally did.

But First, A Serious Warning...

If you’re looking for a "make easy money online fast" magical scheme where you don't do any work and then three or four days later money starts falling from the sky, you are in the wrong place. Feel free to move along. No hard feelings.


If you’re looking for a legitimate online business with the opportunity to earn a stable income that could, after the right amount of smart work, let you quit your day job, get that new car, pay those bills, or travel a little...


You are willing to do some actual work....

Then you are in the right place.


Late Night Affiliate

The Proven, Step-By-Step Way To Build Your Own Profitable Internet Business

Even if You Can Only Work Part Time or Late At Night!

This is the only course of it’s kind that lets you ignore the fear, uncertainty and doubt that all new entrepreneurs face. It’s the course that shows you exactly what you need to do to “get started online”...

...even if you’ve never built any kind of business before.

...even if you have a day job .

..even if your time is limited

...even if you are not sure you can.

I’m so excited to help you get your business up and running.

By the end of this program you will…

  • Clearly understand exactly why this is absolutely the best way to start building a long term business on line, allowing you to ignore all the noise and focus on your dream.

  • Confidently select the perfect market niche for you without the burden of doubt, false starts and second-guessing that usually plagues new entrepreneurs.

  • Expertly build a beautiful website with ease that you will be proud of and that will serve as your home base of operations on the internet.

  • Masterfully create valuable content that helps people solve problems. Literally do work that makes the internet and the world a better place.

  • Ethically monetize your content with integrity. Get paid for the help you provide people without having to ask for a dime.

  • Skillfully drive traffic to your website to grow revenue.

  • And the best things is that all of these skills are indispensable in any internet business. Master these, and you will be well on your way to building your own diverse internet empire.

    This training comes in all formats so you can learn in the way that suits you best. The course is laid out as a set of videos, with separate audio and transcripts also provided. Supplemental materials such as guides, templates, checklists and swipe files are included with the lessons that need them.

    Here are the high-level details of the 7 modules delivered over 6 consecutive weeks...

    Late Night Affiliate Course Outline

    Everything You Need To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business, Presented Step By Step, Without Fluff Or Hype, Guaranteed

    Module 1:

    Prepare To Launch

  • The drop dead simple business model (niche affiliate marketing) that is the one perfect place to start when you are building an internet business, simply explained. Once you understand why this is the right place to start, all your uncertainty will magically disappear.

  • The three simple mindset keys to online business success. After a decade of seeing people succeed and fail in internet business, I know what makes the difference and I reveal it in the very first module.

  • The simple formula you can use to predict your income and plan your business. No need to guess where the profits are hiding once you understand this easy math.

  • Module 2:

    Niche Selection

  • The three things a niche must have to be profitable. Miss these, and you could toil away for months (or year) on a business that simply isn’t profitable.

  • The no pressure, super easy, niche brainstorming process that I personally use whenever I want to identify my next niche business opportunity. You can use this over and over again for years to grow your business.

  • My fool-proof, no-nonsense “niche selection matrix”. This tool will tell you exactly what niche to pick for your business, even if you are trying to select from a hundred possibilities. Uncertainty solved.

  • Module 3:

    Know Your Market

  • The fast, easy and insanely powerful way to instantly know what your prospective customers are searching for on line. What problems do they have, what solutions do they need, and how can you help them -- instantly revealed.

  • Super sneaky but completely legal techniques to ethically spy on your competition and beat them at their own game. Take the fight to them and win.

  • Understand what products are selling in your market and which ones that you should promote in your business.

  • Module 4:

    Website Creation

  • My personal domain selection process that I use when choosing a domain for a new business. Avoid all of the traps that I have fallen into over the last decade.

  • The zero-frustration no-skills-required step-by-step plan for building a brand new website in minutes. No coding or computer experience required.

  • The five pages that you absolutely must have on your website if you want Google to take you seriously. Forget these and pay the price for years.

  • The seven key plugins that you must use and how to install and configure them with just a few clicks. It’s so easy, grade school kids can do it (so I know you can too).

  • Module 5:

    Content Creation

  • A no stress, no drama, no worries hand-holding experience as I take you through the creation of your very first content online. Once you’ve created your first content, you’ll quickly build pro-level confidence.

  • The three types of content that you should be creating to consistently move you business forward, including the critical one that most people don’t ever consider.

  • How to write for readers with commercial intent, and how to get those readers to take action. How to presell products like a pro (this is the training that I find missing from so many other courses).

  • Module 6:


  • Never again wonder how money “moves around” on the internet. Affiliate marketing and affiliate cookies explained, including some tips on how to deal with Federal Trade Commission regulations and the one thing you need to do to stay out of jail.

  • The unique strategy of starting with Amazon but quickly branching out to other affiliate offers that pay better. How and where to find those offers and apply for affiliate programs. These tips will give you a unique advantage over your “Amazon only” competitors.

  • Module 7:


  • A 10,000 foot view of traffic generation that will help you understand where you can find traffic and how to go get it. The seven different traffic sources you should be considering for your internet business.

  • Search Engine Optimization demystified. A crash course in getting free traffic from Google that won’t hurt your brain. Learn how to optimize every piece of content you write for maximum search engine exposure.

  • Understanding social traffic and how becoming part of the conversation in your niche can bring visitors. And, the one thing you should avoid if you ever decide to pay for traffic -- this tip could say you thousands of dollars.

  • So, Here’s The Thing.

    Like Others In This Space,

    I Could Easily Charge $3000 For This Training.

    Honestly, it would be worth every penny.
    And more.

    But You Won't Pay $3000 Today.

    This is why...

    When I was contemplating what to charge for something that could literally change people’s lives, I got to thinking about all the people who’ve asked me over the years to create this course. I’ve had conversations with many of them.

    They are, in general, very serious about building an online business.

    But just because you are serious does not mean you are in position to spend $3000.

    I respect that, so my plan is to make this program affordable.

    At some point in the future, this course will cost $997.

    But I’m not going to charge that either -- not right now. I will some day, but not today.

    Today, you can get the complete “Late Night Affiliate” training program for 1 payment of $297 or 3 payments of $127.

    News Flash: Affiliate Marketing Works

    In fact, it's working better than ever.

    Consider: WireCutter.com

    If you are not familiar with WireCutter, their primary mission is to help people decide which products to buy. They do this by creating great product reviews, and they make money with affiliate marketing (just like we’ve been discussing).

    This is one of millions of sites that proves that that affiliate marketing is working today and that the sky is the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing.

    While I’m not sure exactly how much money they are printing (excuse me, making) over at WireCutter in 2019, I can tell you that the site was purchased by The New York Times in 2016 for about $30 million.

    Prior to the sale (in the five years from the 2011 WireCutter launch to the sale in 2016, the company generated a staggering $150 million in revenue from affiliate programs.

    Wow. $150 Million dollars.

    Imagine if you could build a site that made only a tiny fraction of that sort of money.

    It’s fun to think about. “But Mark -- hang on you are saying. It’s not a fair fight. In 2018, WireCutter had 100 employees.”

    OK -- fine. They have 100 people. You have 1.

    $150 Million divided by 100 is $1.5M. O

    -- I’m certainly not saying you should expect to make $150M or even $1.5M. But you get the idea. What if you had just a tiny fraction of the success enjoyed by the WireCutter guys?

    The fact that sites like WireCutter exist proves that Affiliate Marketing is a viable business model.

    Need Anther Example?

    Consider: TravelingLowCarb.com

    If you are not familiar with WireCutter, their primary mission is to help people decide which products to buy. They do this by creating great product reviews, and they make money with affiliate marketing (just like we’ve been discussing).

    Why Should You Learn From Me?

    The Honest Transparent Answer

    Here is the short and completely transparent answer. This course is new, but it's based on things I've been teaching for more than a decade. I've personally built dozens of money-making websites, and learned from some of the greats over the last ten years through thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of training.

    But there are two things I am not going to do.

    I am not going to generate fake testimonials about how people have taken this course and made millions of dollars and are now living in a villa on the French Riviera. People do that sort of thing all the time. I simply won't. It's a new course, and success takes time.

    I will also not promise you that you will make a certain about of money or how fast you can retire to a life on the beach or any of that nonsense. Your future depends on you, and whether or not you take bold consistent action. It depends on the choices you make. And it depends on you doing the work.

    I will promise you that I will deliver everything you need to build a successful, thriving affiliate marketing business. The rest is up to you.

    I will also offer you an amazing guarantee. More on that later. N

    ow if you are wondering if I am an accomplished teacher, that we can tackle.

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    So, What Are Your Options?


    Act soon, this is a limited time introductory offer.  Late Night Affiliate will never be sold at this price again.

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